The Data Workers has a large selection of management reports (actually
over 500 at this time!) that may be used as needed now, or added later, as
your property management business grows and your reporting needs
change. Plus, we can also create custom reports as needed.
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Tenant Receivables

30 Day Notice
Cash File by Date
Cash from Tenant by Tenant - Cash from Tenant List by Date
Cash Receipt Analysis - Cash Receipt Analysis by Tenant
Cash Receipts - Cash Receipts by Group
Cash Receipts (trust) - Cash Receipts (trust, land)
Cash Receipts by Date
Cash Receipts Summary (by account, by date, by month, by service)
Cash Receipts (history)
Cash Reconciliation
Cash Transactions (in various sequences)
Code Enforcement (by city, by group)
Commercial Rent Roll - many rent rolls available
Delinquency Summary Report - Delinquency Summary Report (all)
Detail Rent Roll - Detail Rent Roll
Eviction Lists
Find Current Tenants for a Date (all) - Find Current Tenants for a Date (except)
History Transaction File by Date - History Transaction File by Tenant
HUD Date by City - HUD Date by Group
Insurance Information (tenant)
Invoice Service List
Lease Abstract
Lockout Trial HUD and Code Violations
Mobile Home Rent Roll
Move In / Out
Outstanding Invoice Report - Outstanding Invoice Report (all tenants)
Outstanding Invoice Report (land)
Owner Cash Receipts
Owner Payment Coupons
Pending Billing Report (various options)
Pending Billing Report (land) - Pending Billing Report by Service
Phone E-mail List by Name
Recap of Leases
Rent & Cash Reconciliation
Rent Balance Report
Rent Balance Report by Difference (various options)
Rent Balance Report by Property
Rent Input Form
Rent Lost & Vacancy Report
Rent Not Billed Report
Rent Roll (over 20 different styles)
Rent vs. Market Report
Rental Summary - Rental Summary (Acct)
Service Transactions by Year
Tenant Address Labels (various options)
Tenant Aged Invoices - Tenant Aged Invoices (all tenants)
Tenant Date Tickler List
Tenant Delinquency (various options)
Tenant Ledger Card (various options)
Condo Owner Ledger Card
Tenant List (various options)
Tenant Payment Transactions
Tenant Remarks - Tenant Remarks by Name
Tenant Statement (various formats)
Tenant Statement Letterhead
Tenant Statement Two Way
Tenant Status (various options)
Tenant Transactions (in various sequences)
Transaction Analysis - Transaction File by Date
Transaction Summary by Account - Transaction Summary by Service
Transactions by Unit (various options)
Unit by Unit Status Summary - Unit by Unit Status Summary (AP)
Unit Information - Unit Information Vacant
Unit Remarks
Vacancy by Unit Type
Vacancy Report (many formats)

Accounts Payable

1096 Form (misc)
1099 Form (interest, misc, rent)
Accounts Payable Aged Invoice by Property
Bank List
Check Register - Check Register (history) - Check Register (land)
Check Register (summary)
Check Register Select Bank
Check Register Trust - Check Register Trust (history)
Check Register Trust (land) - Check Register Trust (summary)
Insurance Information (vendor)
Pending Checks by Property - Pending Checks by Property (accrual)
Pending Checks by Property thru Due Date
Pending Checks by Vendor
Vendor History by Check - Vendor History by Property
Vendor History by Vendor
Vendor Labels 3 up
Vendor List - Vendor List (by code) - Vendor List (by name)
Vendor Remarks
Vendors Selected for 1099 Int - Vendors Selected for 1099 Misc
Vendors with a X List (inactive)

General Ledger

Account Order GL Transactions (by property, by trust, by batch, by journal)
Asset List
Balance Sheet (various formats)
Bank Balance (by bank, by property, by trust)
Bank Deposit (MICR Trust)
Bank Deposit list (Batch Trust)
Bank Deposit Slip (MICR)
Bank Reconciliation (by property, by bank, by trust)
Batch Order GL Transactions
Budget Statement (12 month)
Budget Variance (various formats)
Cash Flow
Cash Ledger (by property, by trust)
Cash Receipts (in various sequences)
Chart of Accounts
Check Register (by property, by trust)
Check Register (summary)
Cleared Bank
General Ledger (in various formats)
GL Account Transactions (in various sequences)
Income Analysis by Square Feet
Income Statment Summary
Net Trial Balance
Net Year Trial Balance
Operating Statements (in many different formats and styles)
Owner Cash Receipts
Owner Transactions by Unit
Profit & Loss Transaction
Property Ledger
Property Ledger Net
Property Management Statement
Recurring GL Transactions
Trail Balance Statement (in various formats)
Transactions (by journal batch, by unit, by vendor, by property, by trust)
Trust Bank Balance
Working Trial Balance
Year Trial Balance

Home Owners Association Reporting

Association Cash Reconciliation
Association Owners
Association Owners (land)
Condo Owner / Tenant List
Full Owner Listing
HOA Condo Owner / Tenant List
Outstanding Invoice Report
Owner Aged Invoices
Owner Cash Receipts
Owner Date Tickler List
Owner Delinquency Report
Owner Fee Input Form
Owner Labels 3 up (5260)
Owner Labels by name 3 up (5260)
Owner List by Last Name - Owner List by Unit
Owner Remarks
Owner Statement (various formats)
Owner Status (various formats)
Owner Transactions (by batch, by invoice, by journal, by unit)
Owner / Tenant List by Unit

Property Information

Bank Labels 3 up
Group Property List
Insurance Information (property)
Property Date Tickler List
Property Detail (tenants)
Property Labels 3 up
Property List
Property List by Class
Property List by Consolidation
Property Remarks
Property Summary
Property Summary (tenants)


Calls by Date - Calls by Property
Closed Work Orders (by property, by vendor, by work order number)
Data Base List
Inventory Activity (by store room, by vendor)
Inventory Balance by Store Room
Labels for partner add on QL-500 (label printer)
Labels for property Main address on QL-500 (label printer)
Labels for tenant Alt-address on QL-500 (label printer)
Labels for vendor address on QL-500 (label printer)
Open Work Orders (by city, by group, by property, by service, by vendor, by work no)
Parking List by Car License - Parking List by Space
Parking List by Unit
Partner Labels 3 up
Partner List
Parts List (by part code, by title)
Report List (by program, by title)
User List
User Log
Work Order Cost Analysis (by property, by vendor)
Work Order form by Service
Work Order form by Work Number
Work Order Time Sheet (by property, by vendor)
Work Order Time Sheet History (by property, by vendor)

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